Standardise your npm scripts

  1. In multi-repo projects, CI/CD pipelines become very easy to create with templates; you can rely on them and use templates instead of hardcoding scripts/jobs.
  2. For Monorepos using Lerna, for example, you can safely run a standard script and know that every package is following that structure.
  3. It’s easy to create a new package, either copy-paste from another one, or create a package creator script. If this is easy to do, people will eventually do it more often.
  4. Scripts can be long and prone to error when copying.
"format:all": "prettier '**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,json,md,css}' --write",
"format:check": "prettier '**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,json,md,css}' --check",


  1. package.json
"name": "@company/prettier-config",
"version": "1.0.0",
"main": "index.js",
"prettier": "./index.js",
"bin": {
"company-format-check": "bin/",
"company-format-all": "bin/"
"dependencies": {
"prettier": "1.19.1"
  1. index.js
module.exports = {
useTabs: false,
tabWidth: 2,
printWidth: 80,
semi: false,
trailingComma: 'all',
bracketSpacing: true,
arrowParens: 'avoid',
singleQuote: true,
  1. bin/
prettier '**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,json,md,css,yaml}' --check
  1. bin/
prettier '**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,json,md,css,yaml}' --write
yarn add @company/prettier-config -D
"prettier": "@company/prettier-config",
"scripts": {
"format:check": "company-format-check",
"format:all": "company-format-all"
"devDependencies": {
"@company/prettier-config": "1.0.0"





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